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Toothless Tigers

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The tigers - the affectionate adoration of the Bangladesh Cricket Team - has finally been white-washed, 'dhobol dholai' in Bangla; by the relatively new comers Afghanistan in the just concluded T20 series held in Deradhun (India) - a 3rd party venue. Because war torn Afghanistan is good for guns, but not for cricket.
Many home viewers have been shocked, some even surprised at such poor show of the boys. But to me, honestly speaking, it (the results) seemed quite natural or business as usual if you give a deeper look into the affairs of the team, more so the team management.
BCB - the apex body - has, perhaps, taken it for guaranteed that their boys will do miracle in all weathers without little or no prior practice. The team has no coaching-in-charge for nearly a year. What a fun it was that the skipper was detached from the team for over two months. He (Shakib) joined the team just on the game venue. He was busy with IPL fantasies for over a month. So, was Mustafiz- the main bowler. The net gain is - Mustafiz has become an injury victim.
The most surprising part is that the star (!) cricketers became object of cheap politics. The nation observed (may be enjoyed also) the political propaganda centering Mushrafe Murtza and Shakib Al Hasan over their possible induction into national politics by contesting the upcoming parliament election (end this year). Naturally, other boys were, perhaps, aspirants for a ticket for the national poll too. Conventional wisdom suggests that a cricketer should think of anything else only after hanging the bat(s) and ball(s). So long they are in the field, they should think of the cricket only. Deviation will produce results like Afghan series only. Take the lesson from Deradhun.
Nayan Das Munshi
Laxmi Bazar, Dhaka.

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