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The neglected road

The 2100 meter Mehdipur -Abdul Nabi Road (ID No-430255083) is a development Scheme about which a question was raised in the Parliament session (Q. No-1383, dated 07-04-2009 and Q. No-281 dated 02/02/15) and about which DO Letters have been issued by MP (Feni-3) more than once to the Chief Engineer,  LGED. Only half of the road from Ch. 00 to 920 meter from Mehdipur Yatim Khana Complex to Mannan Sowdagar Bari culvert was completed upto 2013-14 and the rest half of the road from Ch.920  to 2100 meter remains to be developed still now.  A DO letter written recently by MP (Feni-3) is now lying at the kind disposal of the Chief Engineer, LGED. It is fervently requested that the LGED authorities would kindly take necessary steps for completing the incomplete portion of the road from Mehdipur BR Khan Bari to Abdul Nabi Mannan Mizi Bari Shahabuddin Shop in greater public interest during the current fiscal year.  

Prof. M Sadeq Sonar
Ex-Chairman, Dept. of Management
Tejgaon College, Farngate, Dhaka

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