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Quality teachers are needed to ensure quality of education

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The government and private schools and colleges are facing setback due to shortages of teachers. It is seriously affecting the education. According to media reports, vacancies at the country's primary and secondary schools and colleges remained unfulfilled for the last several years. The ministries of Education and Primary and Mass Education are responsible for failing to recruit teachers to over 1.05 lakh vacancies. If this disastrous scarcity of teachers continues in absence of recruitment it may eventually threaten to undermine government's efforts to ensure universal access to primary education and quality education in all strata of educations in Bangladesh.
Report said that Primary, Secondary schools and Colleges across the country have shortage of teachers while they should have necessary number of teachers. It also said that more than 60,000 vacancies exist at government primary, 40,000 at non-government secondary schools and intermediate colleges, 3,475 vacancies at government colleges and 2,250 vacancies at government run secondary schools. This is very alarming for ensuring quality education in the country. It is also surprising that in rural school, over 200 students have been running with only two teachers, report says. The shortage of teachers was informed to the Ministry concerned but it did not bring any result. While the government has given the utmost priority to develop education sector by allocating big budgets, this harsh reality of teachers' deficit is no mean acceptable.
The only recruitment organization of public colleges - the Public Service Commission (PSC) cannot recruit adequate number of teachers in government colleges for various reasons. It is not the failure of the PSC. Rather, lack of government's good intension is widely blamed for less recruitment.
Moreover, the local MPs and other influential persons allegedly take a big amount of money from those who want to be recruited as teachers -school or college. It is upsetting that many of the previously recruited teachers haven't the merit for being teachers in schools and public colleges. Several of them were recruited on political basis or paying a lucrative sum of money to certain quarter. It's an open secret.
It will not bring any good for our education system if government recruits only adequate number of teachers. Here, quality teachers are needed to improve the quality of education at all level.

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