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UNSC delegation`s visit and our Foreign Ministry`s task

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A UN Security Council delegation will arrive in Dhaka on April 29 to see the condition of Rohingya refugees who took shelter in the bordering Cox's Bazar district to escape the genocide and brutalities by Myanmar military.  News media reported that the UNSC delegation, comprising envoys from five permanent members and 10 non-permanent members, is scheduled to visit Rohingya camps and the zero line along the Bangladesh-Myanmar border to see the situation on the ground. Earlier, Bangladesh had urged the UNSC to visit Bangladesh and Myanmar to see the humanitarian situation of the Rohingyas amid a continuous influx of the refugees.
In March last year, China, backed by Russia, blocked a short UNSC statement on Myanmar after the 15-member body met to discuss the situation in Rakhine State. In November, the UNSC urged the Myanmar to "ensure no further excessive use of military force in Rakhine State". We remember -- to appease council veto powers Russia and China, Britain and France dropped a push for the UNSC to adopt a resolution on the situation and the 15-member body instead unanimously agreed on a formal statement.
The influx, though reduced in recent weeks, continues despite Myanmar's assurances of stopping violence in Rakhine. On April 6, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina invited UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to visit Bangladesh to see for himself the plight of Rohingyas.
To address possible solutions the world must first help and support these Rohingya refugees who are living in utter distress. The UNSC must pressure the Myanmar government to ensure the protection of Muslim minorities and to end the conflict through the enactment of laws that ensure the concept of coexistence and respect for others, irrespective of differences.
We want to say, the persecution runs years after years in Myanmar must end permanently; the refugees should be repatriated and get political rights and protection while the perpetrators should be punished. In this situation, the world community cannot sit in idle rather work together to cement social fabrication in Myanmar where hatred rules out humanity.
The visit of UNSC delegation will not bring any result till our government takes pragmatic diplomatic step to convince the veto-powered nations, especially Russia and China. Our government should explain them about their humanitarian duties and responsibilities in this part of the globe - particularly towards the Rohingyas. It should be the only task of our Foreign Ministry at this moment.

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