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My prayer

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    -Md Ekramullahil Kafi

O the Almighty Allah! Grant this servant
A life of honour and dignity;
Not in this transitory world, but for
The Hereafter and eternity.

O the Beneficent! I love to be an ordinary being,
As ordinary as a farmer,
And earn Thy pleasure for the hereafter
At the cost of all pains here.

O the Lord of the universe! Broaden my heart
For the poor and distressed,
So that, from the door of my fallen lodge,
They go not back disappointed.

O the Omniscient! Keep me away
From those, whose only thinking is
Remaining in luxury for generations,
And who are unaware of this disease.

O the Sustainer! Give me the courage
To donate "out of almost nothing"
And multiply what I part with. Not for me
But for the helpless being.

O Lord! From Thee Thy servant received
A peace of unique lesson-
"The greatest helplessness is, being
Unable to help a helpless person."

O Master! Make me one of Thy beloved,
And give strength to remain satisfied
With what Thou on me bestowed.
By Thy grace and mercy unlimited.

O the All-Knowing! I pray to Thee
To make Thy servant- my two daughters
Gentle and kind to all, and it's Thy choice
Whether they will be Judges or Barristers.

O the Merciful! I'm the worst of all,
Into hell throw me not,
For, the punishment will be unbearable
And mercy can save me from Thy wrath.

O the Almighty! Grant me a death
Resembling sleep of night advanced far
And make easy subsequent steps-
Hashor, Mizan, Poolsirat and Kobor.

O the Supreme Judge! Let me be like the one
Upon whom Thou shalt shower mercy,
And Grant 'him' Paradise, for sacrificing
For another the only virtue readily.
'He' is the one, disappointed by none other than
Brother, sister, father and even mother-
All of whom will plainly avoid me
And cry for their future.

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