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Now Mayor wants to act as police

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Staff Reporter :
Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) Mayor Mohammad Sayed Khokon on Monday in a controversial move warned city house owners to take effective step to eliminate Aedes mosquitoes' germs from their homes or stand to be punished.
His idea is that if the house is clear of mosquito the area will be free from it and thus people will be relieved from mosquito menace. He said Mobile court would visit every house from April 8 to ascertain whether there is any germ. If Aedeses mosquitoes' germ is found in their house, the owner will be fined or jailed.
This is indeed a new idea of the Mayor about his war on mosquito; and many believe it is aimed at sidetracking his failure to eradicate mosquito from the old city. He outlined his plan at a meeting exchanging views in the Nagar Bhaban.
It is not clear why the Mayor has suddenly become active to play the role of police  embedded by mobile court power. We know that city corporations are responsible for eradication of mosquitoes; which normally breeds eggs in water bodies, sewerage lines and such other places holding stagnant water.
City Corporations spend crores of taka annually on such programme and needless to say corrupt employees made fortune from such huge expenditure. City dwellers don't know if the city corporation will run mosquito eradication programme any more.  Keeping the city mosquito free and destroy its breeding grounds were so long the work of the city corporations. Now why he wants to pass the responsibility on house owners is a big question. Such house owners have no pesticides and equipment to spray to take the fight on mosquito at house level. People living in rented homes will come under new pressure in such situation.  
Keeping a city block free from mosquito essentially depends on area wise collective efforts to keep the area clear of mosquito; which in turn will keep a house free from mosquito. The Mayor now wants to run the clock backward.  
He said Mobile Court would take random visit to houses to check presence of mosquito. Many believe the Mayor as the elected representative should take vigorous mosquito eradication programme instead of threatening city dwellers about it.
Many also fear such drive may eventually become partly political in the election year when many in the opposition political parties have to fight the ruling party and mosquito together.
The new plan may now remain focused mainly on running advertisement from Tuesday to make city dwellers aware of their responsibility to keep their home free from mosquito and possible punishment for neglecting their job. Mayor's job is now city dwellers job.
The publicity advertisement will reach 1.65 lakh family of the city corporation. The programme will continue from March 20 to April 7," the Mayor said.
The Mayor however contradicted his plan saying, "We never want any one to face punishment, nor we want to see breeding of Aedes mosquitoes at family level."

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