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Save police as professional law enforcers and drug addicted police must go

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According to the report of a daily newspaper, sub inspector of Naraynganj model police station Suhrawardy Rubel had become Yaba-addicted when he was a constable in Munshiganj sadar police station. He used to take 30-40 Yaba pills everyday and was habituated to take drugs even on-duty while in patrol car. In the course of time, he became a full-fledged Yaba trader and formed a strong drug syndicate in the area. His also turned his house into a drug den. However, the police finally arrested Rubel on Wednesday midnight along with 49,000 Yaba pills along with a huge amount of money.

We know, the illicit relation between the police and drug business is nothing new. There are widespread allegations against some members of the police force-from junior to senior level-for their involvement in different crimes too. This is also not new. But what is alarming that; majority of the police members are now directly or indirectly supporting  the unethical activities of their fellow colleagues. Even, many of them do not feel shy to take share of the money-that comes from various crimes like: bribe, extortion, abduction and drug business.

There are several incidents where police were seen taking part in crimes. A good number of them allegedly take alcohol and other intoxicating drugs including Yaba in a regular basis. As a result, some police personnel have reportedly been involved in Yaba business to make some extra-money and bear the expense of their bad habit. Particularly, a number of police personnel have recently been found entangled in Yaba smuggling syndicates in Cox's Bazar. 

Newspaper reports say, a section of police personnel keep aside a large portion of recovered drugs to sell it further. Another portion is kept for their personal use and a small portion is preserved to show it as recovery. This trend is obviously dangerous for a disciplined force.

According to a newspaper report, the Detectives in Cox's Bazar sold off 7.22 lakh Yaba pills they had seized for Tk 8 crore, according to a complaint filed by a sub-inspector. Two police probe bodies have investigated the matter and the police headquarters gave the nod for a third enquiry. Strangely, the enquiry reports still did not see the day light. The newspapers got the report when the police officers were locked in a quarrel in Dhaka's Rampura area openly for share money of the drug business. Officer-in-Charge of Rampura Police Station submitted a report before the Deputy Commissioner of Motijheel on November 17 last year where he said, 'the unexpected incident took place between the two sub-inspectors centring the share of money of a transaction incident of DB Cox's Bazar.'

We have so many examples like this. The members of law enforcement and other disciplined forces are increasingly getting involved in drug business.  Earlier, they were seen involved in phensidyl smuggler's racket. Now they have turned face to Myanmar border for Yaba. They want money hook or crook - by any means.

We are certainly unhappy to see police discipline is sinking. Give them treatment but they must not be kept in police. The drug addicted police should not be tolerated. The higher police officers must not show any weakness.

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