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Muslim countries cannot be so shameless and helpless against Myanmar

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THE United Nations and the Bangladesh government have jointly prepared a plan to provide an assistance of $950 million to the Rohingya refugees and the vulnerable locals in Cox's Bazar for a timeframe of 10 months until December. The joint plan comes amid grave concerns that the repatriation of the refugees would take more time.

The point, however, the amount is more than double the cost of $434 million, initially planned for the Rohingyas as emergency humanitarian aid for six months till last February. The donor countries, however, contributed around $400 million. But many of the donors, by now are losing interest to provide humanitarian assistance. Moreover, if unprecedented climatic patterns and disasters make a return like last year - the cost may well exceed a billion, and still refugees in smaller numbers are continuing to trickle into Bangladesh.

The joint response plan (March-December 2018) would be launched in Geneva this week, and the UN Resident Coordinator concerned has clearly stated - it is going to be more challenging to arrange funds this time. We are worried since the Myanmar government is still delaying the repatriation process on purpose while the international community keeps failing to put pressure and impose sanctions on Myanmar.

There is no alternative to continuing the humanitarian assistance until the repatriation is completed, but it has not even properly commenced as yet. We don't know when it will begin or end. Against the backdrop of such ominous developments, we believe, Myanmar government must also contribute in this huge cost of sheltering the refugees in Bangladesh besides repatriating them quickly. The refugees are Myanmar citizens and they cannot escape the responsibility for paying the costs.

We are grateful for international help for the refugee from Myanmar. But we have to say it disgraceful for Muslim countries not to be in the forefront of leadership for avenging genocide of Rohingya Muslims. The Sheikhs of Middle East are so cravenly pro-West that they cannot stand up to show courage and leadership to get the USA involved to punish the Myanmar's audacity, raping Muslim girls, kill and torture Muslim Rohingyas challenging the whole Muslim world.

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