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Impressive rise of women in police service

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The New Nation reported on Friday that the number of women in police force surged to 11,676 in March this year from only 2,520 in 2008. Over 77 police officers are also in Peace Keeping Mission abroad, which simultaneously prove their valor beyond the boundary of the nation. They are working to maintain law and order, although there are many questions about the quality of their service as part of the greater police force. We are very much impressed by the rise of female in our police service and despite it is a difficult job for them their increasing enrolment is opening new horizon.
Female participation in police force now stands at 6.66 percent out of a total force of 198,653. A look in the city streets now shows on duty female police are working shoulder to shoulder to run city traffic system and such other duty inside police station and outside.
They are doing fine endangering their life and abandoning their family members many hours in a day. The Statistics disclosed by IGP on Wednesday came as an eye opener how female participation is growing in every profession to narrow the gender gap in government services. Their participation is also growing in the army, air force and navy. They make a significant number of physicians serving the health sector and particularly running hospitals along with male. They are working in private sector jobs in bigger number, as female education is spreading ignoring many limitations they face in real life. Female workers also provide the majority of work force in the garment sector, which earns over 80 percent of export earning for the nation. We must say women are showing their presence at every sector of national life but they are also equally vulnerable to harassment at every level.  
When it comes about female safety women at work place are also facing difficulties like teasing, verbal abuse and sexual harassment. Female police may not a different either. In this case they need to be aware of the danger and conscious to protect them from being affected. Women are also facing harassment on city streets on their way to work place and on return. Some recent study report sounds terribly surprising.
We must say as the number of female is growing in police force and everywhere their personal safety issue, welfare and dignity need to be ensured. The government should also open internal vigilance system to keep watch against people around who may do harm to them and destroy healthy environment for service women at all level.   

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