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Ekushey tells us to be free and fearless against injustice

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THE Nation celebrates 'Amar Ekushey' today with due solemnity and colourful festivities to remember the Martyrs of the 1952 Language Movement. It is a landmark occasion and a day of awakening in the history of Bengali people that gave us the clear realization that we have our own language and culture and our identity that must be held high.

February 21 is observed globally as the 'International Mother Language Day' since 2000. For the sacrifice we made for the honour of our mother tongue, the United Nations has glorified it with the special status.

It is an occasion when the President, the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, leaders of the opposition, other socio-political and cultural organizations pay homage to the Language Martyrs at Shaheed Minar. Diplomats place floral wreaths as a mark of respect to our Language Heroes. Bangla Academy opens month-long Book Fair and cultural festivities from February 1; it is now an annual event. The Academy also announces new literary awards. It is a festivity of cultural jubilation. The Book Fair adds to the treasure of new publications to highlight the nation's uninterrupted intellectual growth and diversity of thoughts in various fields. It routinely enriches the nation with new ideas to explore our heart and soul.

It is a weakness in us that we prefer to live in the past with past glories forgetting the importance of great achievements in building the future. The Ekushey brings us recognition of Bengali as our national language and also made it international for all nations.  For Bangladesh it is not really very important now whether another language is used in our own country. What is important is what we are doing to help our writers, with our own efforts how quality of our books have improved intellectually. It is also important to know how many books published by our writers have been internationally acclaimed.

In Bangladesh education sector is in sorry state. The universities have been so politicised and corrupted that the guardians are worried for the damage being done to their children. Our people did not sacrifice for the mother tongue or for independence only to prove ourselves deaf and dumb about our rights and obligation as a free people.

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