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Thanks to Sir Peters

I take off my hat, applaud, and bow in homage to Sir Frank Peters for his latest contribution towards ending corporal punishment in Bangladesh. (New Nation.14.02.18)
When I first began reading his gripping report, I was taken aback with aghast by what he had written. Shock, horror, disbelief were feelings that immediately raced through my mind. The noble foreigner who initiated the historic ban of corporal punishment in schools and madrasahs in Bangladesh seemingly had a mind change and was advocating the use of corporal punishment in its absolute worst form.
How traitorous…  how preposterous… how disappointed I felt as I read his work. Over the years, I had come to know and respect the logic and wisdom in his writings on the subject, which I often repeated in private discussions and through the process I had gained much kudos from people who believed they were my solid, level-headed views.
It wasn't until I read the last few paragraphs of his report in the New Nation that I realized, his views had not changed an iota. That he had taken a cynical attack to shake and wake-up people to what evil was going on in our schools and madrasahs. A fresh, brilliant approach, and a great read.
I'm more convinced now, more than ever before, that nothing justifies corporal punishment and it's shame, shame, shame upon those who mete it out. I wish Sir Frank Peters every success in his efforts to rid Bangladesh of Satan's curse.
Abdullah Fahim, CSA
Mirpur 1, Dhaka

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