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More than Suu Kyi, the Generals deserve punishment first

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THE UN special envoy on Thursday said, Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi has clearly failed to stand up for the Rohingyas, and can well be held accountable for crimes against humanity. To a greater extent the UN envoy is correct. While talking to a news channel, the UN envoy also added for Suu Kyi's complicity or neglect to do anything regarding the atrocities committed on the helpless Muslim minority in Myanmar.

Now that a responsible senior UN official has voiced her sensible complains and grievances - the international community must unite to investigate the breadth and length of Suu Kyi's crimes. The ostensible 'champion of democracy and human rights' Aung San Suu Kyi's mask was uncovered long time back, but we fail to understand why many western powers continue to side with her? The UN envoy has been recently barred from entering Myanmar because of her factual reports about the scale of violence, killings and carnage.

The truth, however, Myanmar's so-called democratic leader, otherwise known as 'the lady' is a creation of the western media and western leaders, and more than supporting the causes for democracy in Myanmar she has established a thinly veiled substitute of military regime there - nothing more. Her abhorrence for many ethnic minorities including the Rohingyas became clear more than a decade ago. Also she wouldn't have had the courage to remain impudent and silently support the Myanmar military - had many of the world powers condemned her statements regarding the Rohingyas from the very beginning. That Aung San Suu Kyi's decades old 'struggle for democracy' was actually backed by hidden agenda to assume power is known to all. Yet mysteriously she remains the focal point for the world leaders to deal with.

By just in confinement in her old age she has manipulated and misled the world community to take her as a great fighter for human rights and peace. The whole world want her to be ashamed for her complicity for ethnic cleansing and punishing her will not be enough. The Generals who are directly responsible for the systemic genocide in Myanmar must be the ones deserving punishment first.

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