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Farrukh Academy Patrika

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Editor: Mohammad Matiur Rahman :
(Farrukh Academy Patrika Special Issue 2017 on the occasion of Poet Farrukh Ahmad's Birth Centenary).
Editor: Muhammad Matiur Rahman, President, Farrukh Gobeshona Foundation. Assistant Editor: Dr Fazlul Haque Tuhin, Jashim Uddin. Associates: Mahbubul Huq, Shah Abdul Halim and Ahmad Bashir. Published by Mohiuddin Akbar on behalf of the Farrukh Gobeshona Foundation.
Contact: 62/1 Purana Paltan, Dhaka 1000 - Adv Manager: Syed Muhammad Ali (Babul). Cover Design: Mohiuddin Akbar. Computer composes: Mohammad Mushfiqur Rahman. Printing: GG Offset Press, Nayabazar, Dhaka. Size: DDI/16 Pages 200 Paper: White Print. Price: Taka 100.00 only.
Literature Desk
Farrukh Ahmad is a poet, who has been appreciated by all literary figures irrespective of views. He is one of the most prominent poets of Bangla literature, who has stood the test of time and thus believed to be a voice to run in future with its call of humanism, and more particularly, Islamic humanism for humanitarian resurgence.
Farrukh Academy Patrika, a periodical of Farrukh Gobeshona Foundation, has been published as a special issue on the occasion of the beginning of the poet's Birth Centenary (10th June 2017).
The contents include: Introduction, Farrukh Ahmad's poems, seminar on the occasion of birth centenary, accolades by Farrukh Ahmad translated from the Bangla 'Sirazam Munira' by Yasmin Farouque and Ghausul Azam: Two Sonnets of Farrukh Ahmad translated by Syed Abu Bakar.
Some special articles on the occasion of the Birth Centenary of the poet throw light on life and highly acclaimed literary contribution of the poet. The eminent writers are: Dr M Faozul Kabir Khan, Muhammad Matiur Rahman, Dr Fazlul Haque Saikat, Nazib Wadud, Khurshid Alam Babu, Dr Gulshan Ara, Mohiuddin Akbar and Mohammad Jashim Uddin.
The issue has also been enriched by two articles: one by Syed Siddique Ahmad (Farrukh's Ahmad's brother and the other by Qamrul Hasan (eminent artist).
Some other important articles by Ali Imam, Rafiqullah Khan, Nitai Das, Dr. Ashraf Pintu, Muhammad Jafar Ullah and Md. Shafiqul Haque-have added to the attraction of the issue.
And then discussion on books : Horofer Chhora of Farrukh Ahmad /by Mohammad Matiur Rahman, Farukh Ahmader Shatontryo O Boishishto of Muhammad Matiur Rahman/by Ahmadur Rahman Zahid, Chirosongrami Farrukh Ahmad of Muhammad Jafar Ullah/by Muhammad Matiur Rahman, June-Octo 2016/ edited by Muhammad Matiur Rahman/by Ahmudur Rahman and the last 'Eagles's Eye: Life and Works of Farrukh Ahmad-A crystal Analysis of a Humanitarian Poet/by Mohammad Jashim Uddin.
The compilation concludes with reports on Farrukh Gobeshona Foundation and report on a discussion meeting on Farrukh Ahmad on his death anniversary on 19th October 2017.
The evaluations and appreciations of the distinguished researchers and writers in this issue throw light on the uncompromising character and literary contributions of Farrukh Ahmad distinctly with strong references. This exceptional literary figure is depicted in his proper image as a source to enhance and uplift our human values for a glorious rejuvenation.
We expect wide circulation of the journal. n

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