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Time to make good on promises

Finally, the hunger strike of the teachers of non-MPO educational institutions came to an end following the prime minister's assurance to address their demands. Subsequently, the teachers went back to their schools to start taking classes after a gap of six days.
There are thousands of non-MPO educational institutions in which nearly 80,000 teachers work. These people have been living a life of misery and hardship. We hope that the government will live up to its promise and start working to implement the teachers' demands.

Nuzhat Rifa Ehsan

When bureaucrats run the show

In my decade-long stay in the UK, I have never seen the press give much importance to civil or military bureaucrats. Their functions are entirely out of public sight. If you ask a hundred people randomly as to what the name of the chief justice or the chief of the British army is, I doubt anyone will be able to answer the question. They do not enjoy much prominence because they are hardly ever in the limelight.
The situation in our country is the opposite. Both current and former civil and military bureaucrats enjoy a lot of coverage and importance. It seems that political leaders in our country have no option but to let bureaucrats run the show due to their lack of expertise and knowledge.

Ferdous Kabir Tipu

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