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The real story of vampires

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Aishwaryo Shrestho Boidya :
One day I and my friend's family went to a picnic. I and my friend went to a nice and beautiful place, there were people. There was a big sea-beach, and a deep wood. We were stayed on a nice woody-house on that vacation. One day I and my friend were walking in the beach then we hear that the wood’s name is vampires’ home. I asked why it is called by this name. They said because vampires’ lived on that wood and those who went to the wood house, they never came again! So I and my friend decided to go there and see the vampires.
When it became night I went to the deep wood with my friend. The middle of the wood it has a haunted house I said, I think the vampires are in that house. It is very dirty, scary and it has spider-nets around the house, we go in-side the house, we suddenly scare as the door was closed by itself! The torch was suddenly off. Then we started walking, while we were walking, a scary shadow suddenly came in front of us, we were too scare than we started running, a bat was following us. Then we saw a blood eating Vampire. They were four. They have sharp teeth. When we see the door was open we escaped from there, then we meet the Doctor of vampire. He was the only doctor of vampire. We took some vampires killing weapons from him.
Next day morning I visited him, I saw that has been killed, then we went there again with weapons; we fight and kill fifty bats and twenty five vampires. I think it is over, but when returning home my friend was missing. I look for him everywhere but I could not find him. When I hear his voice I ran as fast as I could but I did not know that there is a vampire king also. I fought with him but I could not win. He should be destroyed and killed. I became very angry and sorrow for my friend, I became mentally strong, manage my anger and I fought with all my effort and at last I kill him but he ate a lot of blood of mine. Suddenly I feel dawn and close my eyes, when I awoke up I saw I am in the hospital. When I needed blood my Mother gave me the required blood, and I am becoming well. I was sorry for my friend. I think that he was died. But actually he was still alive. We became happy and thankful to God.
(Aishwaryo Shrestho Boidya is a student of Class-II at Little Jewels School)

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