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Another Brazil-Germany thrill :
The football world will watch another thrilling Brazil-Germany encounter, however, not in the World Cup Football, but in the U-17 World Cup Football at Calcutta of India  next Sunday. Though the European nation suffered a disgraceful 0-4 defeat in the hands of Asian Nation Iran at group stage, the Germans know how to heal the wound and  march to the victory stand. They defeated Costa Rica 2-1, lost to Iran 0-4 and beat Guinea 3-1, and Columbia 4-0 in the second round.
On the other hand, the Brazilians are the architect of the artistic football and  they play not for win but also to delight the gallery. At group stage, they defeated Spain 2-1, Niger 2-0 and  North Korea 2-0, and then routed Honduras 3-0 in the second round.
In the other quarterfinals, the USA will meet England, Mali take on Ghana and Spain face Iran. Host India lost all the group matches to make exit fighting.
Will Bangladesh someday or the other sail into the final round of any format of the World Cup Soccer?
Abdullah Akber

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