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Ethnic cleansing : Another ugliest form of violence

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Dr. Md. Shairul Mashreque :
Rohinga cleansing is one of the ugliest forms of violence ever witnessed by the world community. This is eye boggling. Every day we have breaking news about the massive atrocities committed by Burma government influenced by the military junta. Suchi continues to be in blissful slumber. Paradoxical is the fact that she a noble prize owner in peace. Despite she is at one with the junta on Rohinga issue hiding fact about tragic incidences of death, arson, and drowning of children in Naf River.  Now she is facing music about to be put on trial for involved in the killing spree.  According to international news reports:More than 400,000 Rohingya Muslims have  streamed out of Myanmar in recent weeks, fleeing a bloody military crackdown that a top United Nations official described as "a textbook example of ethnic cleansing."Now the Rohingya are facing expulsion from another country: India, where an estimated 40,000 refugees are scattered amid a population of 1.3 billion.
With this rampage of killing and annihilation Shchi and his military brothers are going to write a text book on ethnic cleansing. They wrongly termed as Bangalees being settled in Rakhaine. A paper written by Mohammad Jashim Uddin(The New nation 15. 9 2017) raised by question who are Rohingas? To cite him:
There are about 18 lakh Rohingya Muslims in Arakan, a little less than half of the total population. By the new Citizenship Act of the previous ruling military junta in Myanmar and supported by the present so-called democratic ruling government led by Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace (?) Laureate, the Rohingya Muslims are denied of their rights, right to own property, and right of franchise. Even their basic human rights, i.e. right to live with identity and dignity and honour has been taken away. The Rohingyas have been facing inhuman torture, in so much as they had to leave their hearth and home leaving all their properties.
Very cleverly Myanmar government claims that the Rohingyas are outsider. Interestingly they are not mentioning from where how they have entered there.  But how could such a huge number of people suddenly enter into Arakan, so that the government of Myanmar (then Burma) could claim that they are not nationals of Myanmar? We know that the Rohingyas have got a history; they are descendants of those who have been settling there in Arakan from a thousand years before. The Rohingyas have got a language, a culture, and a heritage, and above all the 18 lakh Rohingyas from a homogeneous group. Even they were independent from 1430-1631. In 1630, because of a devastating famine they became economically weaker and for this Burmese government suddenly attacked then and made them their part as they were rich for natural resources.  
This is eyesore to the ruling junta of Myanmar and this is the reason why they have been trying to expel the Rohingyas, men, women and children. Ours is just a preliminary hints; it is felt that more intensive investigations have to be undertaken to get a total picture of the whole issue.  
The first Muslim setters in Arakan were the Arabs; they were the shipwrecked people coming to the east for purpose of trade. We see that initially, the Muslims did not enter into Arakan in their own interest, rather they were invited by the rulers of Arakan. In fact one of the outset kings of Arakan Narameikhla (Min Sawmun) was restored to his throne by the Muslim arms of Bengal. He and his successors invented the Muslims to exploit their economic resources because their own people could not do it or did not know to do it.
The economic development of Arakan and also of Myanmar has come to its present position due to the toil and labour of the foreigners, Kala as they call them. The key to development of Arakan is due to the Rohingyas, who are known being expelled by the Myanmar rulling government. Even when Arakan was occupied by the king Bokawpaya of Burma (now Myanmar), one third of the total population of Arakan were Muslims. So it can be said that the Myanmar past and present governments are responsible for the present condition to fulfill their voluptuous intention. It is should be stopped right now; otherwise, it will be a dark example to the upcoming generation and they must hate the human being.
The UN says Rohinga Muslims are facing ethnic cleansing According to New York  Times;
Myanmar has long persecuted the country's Rohingya Muslim minority, being deprived of  basic rights  like  to marry, to worship and to an education. After violence unleashed in 2012 by Buddhist extremists drove tens of thousands of Rohingya out of their homes, many risked their lives to escape in smugglers' boats; more than 100,000 others are living in squalid internment camps. Now, a counterinsurgency operation by Myanmar's military is again forcing thousands of Rohingya to abandon their villages.  Rohingas are crossing from  Myanmar into Bangladesh taking refuge due largely to e escalating violence." An official from the International Organization for Migration, a United Nations agency, told the news agency that he had seen more than 500 people enter its camps in the hills near the border. Meanwhile, Reuters also reported fighting between security forces and rebels on Myanmar's border with China.The military's counterinsurgency operation began as a response to an attack on Oct. 9 by armed assailants that left nine police officers dead in Rakhine State. It is not clear who the assailants were, and theories range from drug gangs to Islamist terrorists. Since then, more than 100 people, mostly civilians, have been killed by the military. Satellite images published by Human Rights Watch indicate that at least 430 homes were burned in villages in northern Rakhine State between Oct. 22 and Nov. 10.There are credible allegations of soldiers looting, killing unarmed people and raping women. The government denies this. U Aung Win, the chairman of a Rakhine State investigation into the Oct. 9 attack, said soldiers would not rape Rohingya women because they "are very dirty."
So stop genocide. Genocide for flushing out the ethnic community like Rohingas. They are firstly human beings. Gautom Buddha spread the gospel of peace and tranquility and humanitarian values. Why the Bugddist in Burma support letting looser reign of horror in the locality like Rakhaine  following earth scorched policy?  Buddhists all over the world should condemned such action  reminding them Suchi and her compatriot to the values of Buddhuim. Suchi at the moment is not expected to sit on the fence. Already many a think tank would not like to keep Suchin at par with Malala, Nesom Mandela  and.  Dalalam. They adcocate wiothrawal of Sucjhi's Nobel prize. Although legally.
(Dr. Md. Shairul Mashreque teaches public Administration in Chittagong University)

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