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Myanmar pursuing Nazitype ethnic cleansing and we have to give leadership to resist

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Myanmar's Nazitype government is pursuing ethnic cleansing operation against Rohingya Muslims for maintaining purity of Buddhism in the country. On the other hand the crisis of leadership in Bangladesh is now distinctly visible as the Rohingya crisis is taking a serious turn when the Bangladesh government finds itself isolated from the support of its most trusted friends like India, China and      Russia. Myanmar has created the crisis for Bangladesh by forcing more than three lakhs of refugees men, women and children. So Bangladesh cannot wait to see whether India or China will be on our side. We have to give leadership in mobilising world help. Barring few countries the entire Western world and Muslim countries have condemned Myanmar for committing genocide. Our own government is not that bold in its approach against human crisis.  

Our most trusted friends such as China, Russia and India are supporting the killing of Muslims and keeping away from bringing pressure on Myanmar to stop ethnic cleansing. They are shielding Myanmar from international pressure to stop the cleansing which aims at creating a purely Buddhist state.

The government's demand for taking back the refugees by Myanmar cannot be a sufficient demand. They will be returned and only to be butchered and raped and then send back again. This is not solution.

Many are confused about a memorandum of understanding signed by Bangladesh and Indian Prime Ministers on joint defense system in December last year in Delhi and wonder how India is siding with Myanmar on Rohingya issue which is having serious implications on the country's defense and security.

The deal was signed on India's request and was apparently aimed at reducing Chinese influence on Bangladesh defense establishments. Now China is not extending support to Bangladesh and India is taking the Myanmar side. Bangladesh also made expensive shopping from Russia that includes unnecessary nuclear plant and military hardware but it all proved fruitless.  

Such cosmetic measures by Bangladesh government appear to have failed to win their hearts. India and China have their economic interest in Myanmar and this is why they are ignoring even humanitarian issues that may hurt that country. 

In our view the politics of appeasement has failed and Bangladesh should take vigorous diplomatic move with Muslim countries, Western democracies and South East Asian nations which are supporting the Rohingya cause to create a solid platform to deal with Myanmar from a point of strength.

We must look for Chinese, Russian and Indian support and every ones help but we must have leaders who are competent and have self-respect to demand respects from others.    

Myanmar was expediting expulsion of Rohingya Muslims for a final solution of the ethnic issue for many years. But Bangladesh leaderships now and in the past were not much concerned about it.

Never they had a clear policy how to handle the growing tension in the Rakhine state on Bangladesh border that can eventually bring threat to the country's security in the southeast. They were only sheltering the refugees. Even now the government is working on adhoc plans because they have not enough leverage to develop a plan to handle the issue, except highlighting refugee issue as the only biggest problem.

Our voice is so weak that it is failing to make impact, although many countries are bringing pressure on Myanmar from their own. Germany and Maldives among some other countries have cut economic ties with Myanmar to protest ethnic cleansing,  

It is clear Bangladesh is facing an indirect aggression as Myanmar military is forcing its people to flee to Bangladesh and vacate their land.  Even Finance Minister AMA Muhith agreed to a question on Monday in Sylhet that it is an indirect aggression. But why the government is not working to involve the people from wider political spectrum to raise voice against such aggression and defeat the blackmail of the Myanmar military is the big question.  

We have a strong military but mainly spending time in international peace-keeping. Many believe it is time we must show our strength that we are a nation capable to defend ourselves.  

Ms Suu Kyi has already blamed attacks on Myanmar police posts on August 25 as an act of terrorists from Bangladesh while the Rohingya youths are fighting back from inside Rakhine state. Her war mongering policies appear clearly targeting Bangladesh to make the border tense.

The leadership crisis in the country is our own creation. The government meanwhile finds no friend; who were high on our diplomatic map to stand by our side. Now it is clear who are selfish with their own interest and who are bold and generous to help Bangladesh. 

We are appalled to find that India, China and Russia are not on our side in times of need. On the contrary they are supporting butchering of Muslims by Myanmar military. Such inhuman ethnic cleansing which has already created worldwide condemnation. The UN Human Rights Council termed it as a 'textbook case of ethnic cleansing' but it is no concern to our so-called closest friends.

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