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Suicide, an unforgivable crime

According to a CSV report, about 30,000 people committed suicide in the country in last five years. The speakers at a discussion meeting on Sunday described it as outcome of social evil, crime, cruelty and horror. To reduce the number of death by suicide, they  stressed on starting social movement and building people's awareness about the consequence.
In this regard, I like to tell the seminar's speakers that crime cannot be wiped out or  reduced without ameliorating ethics and morality in their hearts and souls. If they, who want to die by themselves, know that Allah will lodge them in the fire of hell for what they are going to execute, they will think twice before committing suicide.
The Prophet Muhammad (SM) said, whoso commits suicide, for him Allah will lodge in the fire of hell and add punishment in the manner he commits suicide (Ref: Bukhari Sharif, Crime Chapter). The Prophet said further, killers have no escape from punishment.

Ameer Hamzah

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