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Independence of Rakhine State must be restored for Rohingyas

Backdoor diplomacy no answer to challenge of genocide

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Diplomatic Correspondent :
The government of Myanmar has gone for the final solution of the Rohingya problem through genocide and ethnic cleansing. They are killing Rohingyas, torching their homes, raping women and beheading children. They will not tolerate Muslims for the purity of Buddhism in Myanmar.

Let it be so. Myanmar can remain purely a Buddhist state. But history says Rakhine State was not part of Myanmar so Rohingyas  must have their independence to live in peace.

They had their ruling dynasties over the centuries and a rich culture over a vast land. Burmese warlords captured their country at some points of time.

The Rakhine State was integrated with Burma when the British left. The Burmese occupation is now trying to make it a pure Buddhist land by evicting its people.

For our government it is no time for backdoor diplomacy to face the challenge of genocide and mass extermination which the UN Human Rights Council said a textbook example of ethnic cleansing. Myanmar cannot be allowed to defy the world in butchering human rights and throwing Rohingyas from their land.

We do not see how armed confrontation can be avoided, as the Myanmar government is pushing Rohingyas to Bangladesh to end its own domestic crisis let lose by ultra-nationalist Buddhist groups and carried out by Myanmar military.

The government of Myanmar is now letting  lose state terrorism and clearing the Rohingyas.

In fact forcing Rohingyas to Bangladesh is an act aggression of the Myanmar government. No minister of Bangladesh can say to continue diplomacy and trade together with Myanmar in this situation.

We must say Bangladesh is not so weak, our leaders have left it weak but our people are capable to defend the nation from aggression. Nobody wants military solution to a problem now- a- days but Myanmar is using its military on its defenseless people. Bangladesh is an unwilling victim.

The Rohingyas are not our people, they are Myanmar people who have been stripped of their citizenship by the former military Junta government. So they must be taken back and their freedom needs to be restored in a free independent land.

It is surprising that Myanmar leader Ms Suu Kyi is resorting to utter lies. She has blamed 'terrorists from Bangladesh' has attacked Myanmar military recently to deny the fact that Rohingya youths are fighting back.

She is also blaming Islamist terrorists for clash with Myanmar military while the attackers are identifying them as Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army.  They have come out to establish their rights.   

Banglaadesh has always wanted bilateral solution to return the Rohingyas to their homes. The country repatriated 236,599 Rohingya Muslims in 1992 under a bilateral agreement.

Myanmar government recognized Rohingyas in that agreement as Myanmar nationals and the present denial that Rohingyas are not Myanmar nationals contradicts the previous agreement.

It is our clear position that Rohingyas must return their home and live in peace in their independent land.

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