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Stop genocide in Myanmar

Myanmar must stop genocide, give back the Rohingyas their right to live in peace. We are deeply shocked and could not believe this barbaric action of Myanmar on Rohingyas who are being slaughtered indiscriminately. They are fleeing to Bangladesh to save their lives. According to news report till now 2,90,000 refugees have entered Bangladesh, also many people died during the journey. It looks like that Myamar government is bent on ethnic cleansing. What has happened to the world conscience? Why nothing is being done to save the oppressed?
 Is not Buddhism a religion of peace? We used to know that Buddhists do not hurt even a fly, where has gone those values?  Recently, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Myanmar. We are feeling let down by his comments about the Rohingyas. India feigns to be a friend of Bangladesh. Is this an example of it?
We wonder if those who are victimised were Christians and Hindus, what would have happened? Surely, Myanmar would have been crushed, would not have been able to lift up its head again.
Nur Jahan

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