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OIC, Rohingya people and BD

The objective of the OIC, when it was formed and still, is to maintain solidarity and unity among the member-states. At present, their number is 61. The figure is big, but weak in execution of its manifesto. And that is why the Rohingya Muslims are the most oppressed stateless nation in the world.
We have no data with us as to how many OIC members have sent aid and assistance to Bangladesh to rehabilitate the expelled people, or how many of them have given proposal to the UNO and the OIC that they will settle the unfortunate Rohingya people in their countries, or whether the OIC itself has pressed the UNO and the  six nuclear powers, the ASEAN, the EU and the SAARC to take effective steps against the Myanmar government?
To me, Bangladesh is passing through critical junction in view of arrival of three lakh more Rohingya people. It is more important to settle them thanday to day operation of the state. As such, the government should  deal with the issue of saving lives of a more than half a million of people at any cost.

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