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Kazi Nazrul Islam :

In my breast the picture of Ka'ba
[Bokshmey amar Ka'bar chhobi]

In my breast. the picture of Ka'ba.  
In my eyes, Muhammad the Prophet.
O'er my head, the 'Arsh of God,
Whose song I sing on the path truly trod!

Majnun was mad for Laili's sake.
I am mad for the sake of 'La- Ilah'!
The Lovers and Saints know me well
But the unenlightened call me deranged!

In my heart lies the garden of bliss
Where the nightingale always sings.
It's the Mercy of God they want to have.
But the Love of God I crave !

In the Mosque of my mind,
A thousand Muazzins cry Azan.
In my mind's tablet is writ the Quran
Which my soul reads day and night !

The Lady of Paradise my Mother dear.
Hasan and Huseyn my tear.
No terror to me is the Day of Judgment
Or the difficult Pul-sirat !

Look on the Martyr's Eidgah this day
[Shaheedi Eedgahey dekh]

On the martyr's Eidgah this day
Look at the huge congregation gay !
In the world at large, I say,
The Islami dispensation will prevail!
Iran and Turan, Hijaz and Egypt
Hind, Morocco and Iraq,
Grasping one another's hands,
Stand in serial ranks!

Those who senseless lay
with sighs and tears in the eyes.
Now crave for Paradise gay!
From slumber deep they rise
Out of fervour fresh
In their wearied minds!
Thou too come and join the ranks.
Forgetting the     worldly pangs!

Those who in  prison were.
Out of fresher life as it were,
Run for the field of fight.
Bold in mind and sword in hand!
Changed to-day is the Decree of Fate
Hence the Cry of Allah the Great!

Translation: Mizanur Rahman (Late)

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