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Nazrul Academy Patrika :
118 Birth Anniversary of Kazi Nazrul Islam
Issue Vo 48 : No 44.
Editor: M. Mizanur Rahman
Assistant Editor: Idris Ali. Published by Mintu Rahman, General Secretary, Nazrul Academy, Nazrul Bhaban, Belalabad, Maghbazar, Dhaka. Date of Publication: Jaishta 11, 1424/May 25, 2017. Printer: Sabbir Ahmed Simu, Anima, 285, Dhaka Biswabiddyalaya Market, Katabon, Dhaka. Size: D C 1/8. Pages: 112. Price: Tk 150.
Kazi Nazrul Islam, one of the greatest poets of Bengali and world literature, is unique in his contribution not only to the nation, but also to humanity. An unparallaled poet of human dignity, solidarity and unity, he was a great champion to fight against all deprivation and oppression. He upheld human rights irrespective of caste, creed, race or colour. As a National Poet he was first accepted by the literary, cultural and political leaders of Hindu and Muslim community of Bengal in 1929 AD at a grand reception in the Albert Hall, Calcutta during British domination. And again in his declining days after the liberation of Bangladesh he was brought from Calcutta in 1972 and honoured with the unique title of ‘National Poet of Bangladesh.’ Thus, he was the only poet who was accepted as the National Poet twice-once in the age of foreign domination in United Bengal, and afterward, in the liberated Bangladesh.
Nazrul Academy Patrika, the mouthpiece of Nazrul Academy, Dhaka has a glorious history and heritage of upholding the great poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, through its periodical publication of research and research-oriented articles by eminent scholars and researchers on the literature and life of Nazrul.
The present Research and Publication Sub Committee consist of Dr Ashraf Siddiqui, Prof. Mohammad Abdul Ghafur, Syed Akhtar Yusuf, Idris Ali and M Mizanur Rahman.
The present number contains: Faridpure Nazrul: Prosongo Rajniti/Jasim Uddin, Nazrul Prasongikota/Dr. Mohammad Moniruzzaman, Somalochonar Aborte Nazrul/Shahabuddin Ahmad, Oprokashito Chithi O Nazrul Jiboner Ekti Odhyay /M. Moniruzzaman, Nazruler Swodesh Bhabna/Dr. Anwarul Karim, Nazrul Lokshyo: Somogro Jatike Jagiye tola/ Mohammad Abdul Ghafur, Bangla Sahitye Mohorrom/M Mizanur Rahman, Agnibina : Kabyo Prosongo/Muhammad Matiur Rahman, Bidrohi Kobitar Chitrokolpo/Hasan Alim, Nazrul Kabyo O Songite Gonomukti/Abdul Muqit Chowdhury, Bangladesh Bharot Nazrul Sangeet Sommelon/Karim Shahabuddin.
The articles focus on the poet, his literature, his uncompromising revolt against deprivation and tyranny, his unique position as literary genius and the need to project the great humanitarian poet in the national and international literature. His writings, which still remain untranslated including thousands of songs, should be taken as projects to translate into English, to convey to the world the message of our National Poet.
Nazrul Institute, Nazrul Academy, Bangla Academy, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Bangladesh Shishu Academy and other institutions, government and non-government, have their respective role to evaluate the National Poet in the national sphere as well as introducing his great poetic personality and contribution for the people of the world-who are yet to know about our National Poet.
It is expected that our intelligentsisa will have ceaseless mission to project the poet within the country and the world of literature.
We expect wide circulation of the Nazrul Academy Patrika.n
    -Literature Desk

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