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Caring your feet during monsoon

Monsoon leads to smelly feet, fungal infections and allergies which can easily be taken care with some simple tips. Monsoon may be moist but it leaves your skin dehydrated. So, ensure you keep your skin hydrated using a foot cream or body cream during the day

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Weekend Plus Desk :
Monsoon can lead to smelly feet, fungal infections and allergies.
These problems can easily be dealt by following simple foot care tips like wearing comfortable and breathable footwear, say experts.
Shikhee Agrawal, Head Training, The Body Shop, and Aakriti Kochar, beauty and make-up expert at Oriflame India, share some tips.
* Hygiene is most important to avoid fungal infections during monsoon. Damp feet, socks, shoes in rain lead to most of skin related problems on your feet, make sure they are dry and neat at all times.
* Once a week, soak your feet in hot water with salt or mild shampoo for 15 minutes. This kills all bacteria and softens the skin. You may want to use an exfoliator post soaking for deep cleaning, avoiding any fungal infections followed by a foot cream.
* Monsoon may be moist but it leaves your skin dehydrated. So, ensure you keep your skin hydrated using a foot cream, body cream in the morning after shower and evening before bed (make sure to always apply cream on clean feet).
* If monsoon makes your feet smelly, then use lemon drops in hot water to soak your feet twice a week. Lemon kills bad smell and avoids too much sweating on the feet.
* Just like your face, your feet also demand some extra care, especially during monsoon. Apply a good moisturiser that works effectively on hard skin and helps keep the heels soft and smooth.
* Another thing to remember during the monsoon season is to keep your nails short. It will prevent the dust and dirt from getting collected under your nails which may be a cause of fungal infections.
* Ditch your high heels and covered footwear for flip flops, slippers or other open foot wear. In such footwear the water gets washed out easily, evaporating quickly and making your feet dry. n

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