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Eid Fashion 2017

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Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Eid is knocking at the door. With Eid-ul-Fitr right around the corner, you are probably brushing up on the last minute preparations, planning the crux of the matter details for the special day.
Thanks to the numerous fashion and boutique houses sprouting all over the country, there is now an overabundance of options available in both traditional wear and western wear.  
Alternatively, why not mix and match, a bit of both - to create your own contemporary fusion?  
So, what is trending now? Keeping the sweltering summer heat in mind, comfort indeed is style. Make sure to pick fabrics such as chiffon, georgette or linen which have a light breathable feel.
Add uneven hemlines to your kurti or top, and you already have a solid stylish base!  
Not only will it add dimension to your clothes, but it would also give a flowy vibe; perfect for the summer look.  
For kurtis, you could check out Zarzain, Young Kay, and Vogue by Prince, while Ecstasy, Noir and Yellow remain the usual top favourites for western wear.       
When it comes to patterns, the options are indeed endless although floral prints still remain the decided front-runner. You could opt for a tropical flower-printed shirt or go minimalistic with light sequins, rhinestones and embellishments.
The trend is evident even on saris, with vibrant colours on subtle monochromes; you can find these patterns hand-painted, hand-stitched or embroidered by fashion houses like Mayasir, Rose and Mumu Maria.
Therefore, our traditional fashion houses like Aarong, Deshi Dosh and others are also included in the list for buying Eid wears.
Chic and streamlined, flare pants are a must-have for Eid. Being in sync with the flowy feel, you can find them in georgette, silk and also cotton. With laces and embroideries, these can be found in a variety of monochromatic shades.
Match it with a short top and a pair of high heels, and you have the perfect outfit for your second day Eid hangout.  
For the men, simplicity is what screams sophistication.  
Whether you are adorned in a cream panjabi, or prefer darker shades of blues and maroons, monochromes are back with a bang.
Alternatively, you could also try prints such as polka dots, which make the perfect fancy evening wear.
With shops such as Kay Kraft and Cats Eye remaining a hot favourite, the men can indeed look forward to a fashionable Eid.
Hope everybody will enjoy the Eid joyfully. 

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