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Holy Ramzan

Materialise brotherhood

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Abdul Muqit Chowdhury :
Brotherhood in the Muslim Ummah is an ordained responsibility. To help one another in times of need and to stand united is a religious obligation of Muslims as brethren in Faith. Discussion on the realisation of this may
be presented in the context of Ramzan, which imparts comprehensive training for our material and spiritual advancement.
The Holy Quran says : "If two parties among/The Believers fall into/A quarrel, make ye peace/Between them; but if/One of them transgresses/Beyond bounds against the other,/Then fight ye (all) against/The one that transgresses/Until it complies with/The command of God ;/But, if it complies, then/Make peace between them/With justice, and be fair :/For God loves those/Who are fair  (and just)." (Verse 9, Sura Al-Hujurat 49, The Holy Qur'an Translation and Commentary by Allama Yusuf Ali)
Allama Yusuf Ali comments: "Individual quarrels are easier to compose than group quarrels, or in the modern world, national quarrels. But, the collective community of Islam should be supreme over groups and nations. It would be expected to act justly and try to compose the quarrel, for peace is better than fighting. But, if one party is determined to be the aggressor, the whole force of the community is brought to bear on it. The essential condition of course is that there should be perfect fairness and justice and respect for the highest principles; for Islam takes account of every just and legitimate interest without separating spiritual from temporal matters. The League of Nations fails because these essentials are absent."
The Holy Quran defines the relation: "The believers are but/A single Brotherhood:/So make peace and/Reconciliation between your/ Two (contending) brothers;/And fear God, that ye/May receive Mercy." (Verse 10, Sura Al-Hujurat 49, The Holy Quran Translation and Commentary by A. Yusuf Ali)
A. Yusuf Ali says : "The enforcement of the Muslim Brotherhood is the greatest social ideal of Islam. On it was based the Prophet's Sermon at his last pilgrimage, and Islam cannot be completely realised until this ideal is achieved."
Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) said, "None of you can be a believer unless he loves for his brother what he loves for himself." (Bukhari Sharif)
The Ummah has long been a victim of evil designs and aggressions by the age-old anti-Muslim forces. The tragedy is that, some sections of the Muslims are unfortunately engaged in acts of self-destruction and sectarian killing. Killing of musallies in the mosques are the worst examples of such heinous activities. These help the aggressive forces to become successful in their agenda. So, the leaders and all conscious Islam-loving people should come forward to cry a halt of the musalli-killing and such like activities, which are creating more division and serious conflict among the Muslims, making them vulnerable to any aggression.
Al-Quran and Sunnah ordains the responsibility on the Muslims to ensure solidarity of the Ummah and protection of the worst suffering community from outward aggression and oppression. The Holy Quran commands: "And why should ye not/Fight in the cause of God/And of those who, being weak,/Are ill-treated (and oppressed)/ Men, women and children,/Whose cry is : Our Lord!/Rescue us from this town,/Whose people are oppressors,/ And raise for us from Thee/One who will protect;/And raise for us from Thee/One who will help!" (Verse 75, Sura An-Nisa 4, The Holy Qur'an Translation and Commentary by A. Yusuf Ali)
Allama Yusuf Ali in his comment describes here the tragic condition of the Truth-loving people of Makka : "Even from the humanitarian point of view the cause of God is the cause of justice, the cause of  the oppressed. In the great persecution before Mecca was won again what sorrows, threats, tortures and oppressions were suffered by those whose faith was unshaken? Muhammad's life and that of his adherents was threatened, they were mocked, assaulted, insulted and beaten; those within the power of the enemy were put into chains and cast into prison; others were boycotted and shut out of trade, business and social intercourse; they could not buy the food they wanted, or perform their religious duties. The persecution was redoubled for the believing slaves, women and children after the Hijrat. Their  cry for a protector and helper from God was answered when Muhammad the chosen one brought freedom and peace to Mecca again."
This verse was revealed in the background of inhuman atrocities of the unbelievers on the new Muslims. Muhammad (Sm) was the protector and helper of the oppressed people there and he 'brought freedom and peace of Mecca again'.
The present day tragic situation is a world-wide phenomenon-a human disaster. The Muslims are being attacked, uprooted from their homes, and are victim of mass killing. Millions and millions of people have become helpless refugees and have sought shelter in the West. The Ummah is easy vulnerable as it lacks in integrity and solidarity based on Islamic brotherhood, proper and farsighted leadership to defend the people and the countries with united endeavour, scientific progress and technological advancement. The tragedy is that : sectarian conflicts, enmity and killing of counterparts among the Muslims push the Ummah to a position where the Muslim community as a whole becomes easy vulnerable to outward aggression and massacre. The worst-suffering community should take pledge in the Holy Ramzan to realise the noble teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah, which will enable them to achieve Divine help as in the past. They must strengthen the bond of brotherhood standing above all conflicts of sectarian difference and enmity among the members of the Ummah. They are to fight unitedly against the aggressors and oppressors. Yes, according to the Quranic ideology, the united Ummah will not 'transgress limits.' The target is security and peace for the Muslims and thus the mankind too. The message of humanistic call does not confine itself within the Muslim community only, -it is universal, for the mankind in general and for all creatures.
"We sent thee not, but/As a Mercy for all creatures." ( Verse 107, Sura Ambiya 21, The Holy Qur'an Translation and Commentary by A. Yusuf Ali) Allama Yusuf Ali comments : 'There is no question now of race or nation ..... To all men and creatures other than men who have any spiritual responsibility, the principles universally apply."
Rasulullah (Sm) said, "Allah is not kind to him, who is not kind to people". (Bukhari Sharif, Muslim Sharif)
"Allah bestows His kindness and affection on them, who are kind and considerate to Allah's creatures. Show kindness to the creatures on the earth so that Allah may be kind to you." (Abu Daud Sharif, Tirmizi Sharif)
The Holy Quran and Sunnah has ordained responsibility on the Muslims to be 'kind to the creatures on the earth'. The pre-condition of a peaceful world is that universal humanistic outlook prevails and the followers of different religions and nations come forward to uphold the bond of fraternity and solidarity. The Muslims are pledge-bound as Islam preaches brotherhood of mankind. But, the approach remains incomplete if their counterparts do not follow the same principle. The followers of other religions should also be active in materialising the solidarity of human race and the long cherished peaceful world.
There should not be any mis-conception regarding the integrity and solidarity of the Muslims and at the same time the fraternity and solidarity of mankind.

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