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May Day

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Julian Parrish :

Spize, Parson and Matson of Haymarket
In Chicago wakeup from old tomb and let
Start again agitation like 1st May in 1986
To save laborers from business men tricks.

Even now we fight to obtain proper privilege
Even now we need to agitate for our wages
They kill us and burn us inside fires' flame,
Terminate us by collar and push if we claim.

Without going to school kids work to servive
Our children and wives spend unbearable life,
Always we stay in unhygienic environment
So always we suffer from various ailment.

Frequently we work in  a state of almost hungry
Work in hazardous places and inside colliery
Without cross ventilation, safety equipments,
Without safety gears and urgent treatment.

By force we work more than eight hours
Without safety belt work on mast and tower,
Often produce sweated goods without power
So sweated labour makes warming shower.

End of service nobody gets provident fund
Checkup and medication cost never refund
Our labors and sweats do not get gratuity
Thus they try best to keep us in poverty.

There is no canteen, latrine and no fresh air
Futile trade unions are for proletariat welfare
After injured or died never get compensation
Then capitalists drink cocktail for recreation.

But whatever built and famed for adoration
With everything have laborers' contribution
But laborers are never accepted for honour
Never write our names on plate to remember.

Initially the Stone Age of human beings
Laborers make palaces, lakes and buildings.
Laborers' sweats are mixed with concrete
But in every age laborers got terrible treat.
For happiness of the rich and businessmen
For learned men's comfortable lives and yen
Work hard and our sweats dribble in mines,
On roads, in factories and buildings' spines.

In the sun or in rain or in cold or in heat
From dawn to after dusk toiled in bare feet
For economic growth and foreign currency.

Plants' floors are drenched by bodies' sweats
Pitch coated road are redden by blood's wet
Always they behave with us rude and oppress
But without our toil world cannot progress.

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