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Bridge over Panguchi

A great tragedy took place in the Panguchi River at Morelgonj on March 28. The waves created by a navy gunboat overturned a trawler overcrowded with people that was crossing the river. Only 14 dead bodies were found and many others remain undiscovered.
We, the people of Morelgonj and Sharonkhola, have been demanding a bridge to be built over the Panguchi. We even formed a human chain of civilians from the two upazilas on Pahela Baishakh. Sharonkhola, known for its natural beauty, is very close to the Sundarbans. A bridge would also allow tourists to go to the Sundarbans through this area.
We hope that our honourable Prime Minister will take necessary steps to meet our demand.

Sayek Ahmed Sajib
Sharonkhola, Bagerhat

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