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Bangla New Year

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Md. Ziaul Haque :
Come the beginning of a dawn new,
Ready we are to receive you,
With Rabindranath's immortal lyrics,
And the verses of Nazrul that everyone seeks.

We are what you are,
Being the mirror of a culture, so unique in nature,
Reminding us of our root, our origin,
That with your help the next generation will examine.

Let the scared ones move the cheeks,
Also make us stunned with colours even for weeks,
Let the commoners forget pains even if momentarily,
All bless you from the hearts happy.

You are the bridge between the past and the future,
The valiant tradition defender,
We salute you for a new beginning,
Forgetting all that is evil and cunning.

We wish for your appearance again and again,
As from the sky falls friendly rain,
Thee we hail 'Pohela Boishakh',
Thee we hail  for welfare-
The coming days better.

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