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French voters favour European unity

THE pro-European centrist, Emmanuel Macron, and the anti-immigration, far-right Marine Le Pen have begun a final duel for the French Presidency after anti-establishment anger knocked France's traditional political parties

Big steps needed to end city water logging

AFTER torrential rain, most parts of metropolis Dhaka, Chittagong and other major cities are suffering from knee-deep water from early this week. Accompanied by story wind and smog city

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The plight of passengers :The BRTA and the officials of the concerned ministry are requested to take a look at a photograph published on the last page of The

Justice eludes Palestinians jailed in Israel

Marwan Barghouti :Having spent the last 15 years in an Israeli prison, I have been both a witness to and a victim of Israel's illegal system of mass arbitrary

Is our thinking process changing?

Mary Paulose :Climate change, argues Ghosh, occupies the same strata of consciousness reserved for Harry Potteresque wizardry and fairy lands for us: it doesn't exist, because it hasn't happened

Freeing Bangladesh from Malaria

M. A. Jabbar :As a member country of the World Health Organization, Bangladesh will observe World Malaria Day on 25 April like elsewhere in the globe. End malaria for

Rehabilitate Rana Plaza victims to end their plight

ON the fourth anniversary of the tragic Rana Plaza disaster as it revisits us today on April 24, over 42 percent of its survivors are still unemployed though the

Specter of war threatening world peace

North Korea has warned of preemptive strike against the South as the specter of war threatens the Korea peninsula.. Meanwhile, Talibans killed at least 140 Afghan soldiers on Friday

Crisis in Syria further worsens

Mohammad Amjad Hossain :The civil war in Syria which begun in 2011 following failed Arab Spring revolution has caused further tense situation between western countries led by the United States

Upholding rights of workers

Md Sazedul Islam :BANGLADESH along with rest of the world observes May Day, which epitomises workers' struggle for their rights, by calling for a greater unity among owners and workers

Fact and opinion open our eyes to the truth

Peter Ellerton :Which is more important, a fact or an opinion on any given subject? It might be tempting to say the fact. But not so fast.Lately, we find ourselves

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Asian Basketball The 2017 FIBA Asia Cup (formerly known as the FIBA Asia Championship) will be the 29th continental basketball championship in Asia. The tournament is organised by FIBA Asia.

Increasing price of rice to push up market index

THE prices of all varieties of rice and other essential kitchen items are soaring amidst the flash floods in the greater Sylhet region. The prices of all varieties of

Dengue : Now an annual visitor

THE capital is yet again experiencing an early outbreak of dengue and untimely rains may be to blame. Like last year, Aedes mosquitoes, transmitter of the dengue virus, have

Ensure girls’ safety at home first

Rifat Zafreen :'Oh no, what am I thinking! It cannot be, how is it possible - he is my uncle, my mother's colleague - he addresses me 'mother', then why

Rethinking development finance

Jim Yong Kim :(From previous issue)The answer was yes to power production, but not yet to power distribution. We invested $250 million of IFC money, and helped the government enact

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Autism awarenessA recent survey has revealed that there are currently 17 thousand autistic children in Bangladesh. The rate is increasing day by day, but we are still far behind in

VCs authorities at private varsities

THE New Nation reported on Friday that Vice-Chancellors in many private universities in the country are only titular head of the institutions while the Board of Trustee (BoT) comprising

Over-dependence on Indian electricity supply

ENERGY sector deals signed with Indian companies so far clearly indicate how India has been singularly un-tapping our energy market making us disproportionately dependent on the big neighbour. These contracts

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Danger of nuclear madness :The peace loving people of the world are tired  of the US President Donald Trump, who wants North Korea to act on his dictation. But

Rethinking development finance

Jim Yong Kim :(From previous issue)Looking at the data on satisfaction with standard of living, we found that if your reference income goes up 10 percent, your own income

Multilateralism and China

Nicholas Rosellini :"Pursuing protectionism is like locking oneself in a dark room," Chinese President Xi Jinping warned the assembled leaders at the World Economic Forum earlier this year. "While

Foreign investors need favourable tax policy

AN increasing number of trade organizations have been demanding a reduction in corporate tax rates in the upcoming 2017-18 National Budget. Foreign Investors' Chamber of Commerce and Industry has

Stop false cases to keep in jail without trial

SUPREME Court Legal Aid Committee (SCLAC) Chairman Justice M Enayetur Rahim said on April 18 a specific law is required to rehabilitate people released after languishing in custody for

Rethinking development finance

Jim Yong Kim  :Last fall, before the IMF-World Bank Group annual meetings, I told the world about our two goals - to end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity -

Humanitarian crisis in Yemen

Baher Kamal  :With 18.8 million people -nearly 7 in 10 inhabitants- in need of humanitarian aid, including 10.3 million requiring immediate assistance, Yemen is now the largest single-nation humanitarian crisis

Fighting inequality

Ben Phillips  :As the world marks 100 days of the Trump Presidency, we can see that we are now in a new era of crisis, that it goes well beyond

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Bridge over PanguchiA great tragedy took place in the Panguchi River at Morelgonj on March 28. The waves created by a navy gunboat overturned a trawler overcrowded with people that

Bangladesh-Bhutan ties to get new boost

BANGLADESH and Bhutan have inked five deals on avoidance of double taxation, agriculture, standardisation of goods, cultural cooperation and waterways connectivity during just concluded Bangladesh Prime Minister's visit to

Livestock plague and farmers plight at haors

MASSIVE death of fish and livestock in haors visited by flash flood in greater Sylhet, Kishoregonj and Netrakona region is causing renewed alarm to the people after they lost