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No progress yet in bringing looted money from Philippines

AROUND three years has passed since the cyber criminals looted US$101 million from Bangladesh Bank reserve, but the looted money is not yet recovered except some fruitless efforts by the

Ecological danger for destroying forest by Rohingyas

A STUDY has revealed that 4,300 acres of hills and forests have been razed in Cox's Bazar to set up refugee camps and cooking fuel for Rohingyas who fled ethnic

Misgoverance slows growth

Dr. Md. Shairul Mashreque and Dr. M Abul Kashem Mozumder :Reports are plenty mentioning the tremendous growth of tycoons. This is not a good sign. It goes against resilient economic

Support teachers in meeting professional needs

The European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE) organises a public event on in Brussels, Belgium, on 19 September. ETUCE represents 132 Education Trade unions in 51 countries, in total

Uncertainty over EU-Japan free trade deal

Perrine Fournier :For many, the free trade deal the European Union agreed with Japan on July 17, 2018 marked the return of stability to a fractured world. "Politically, it's a

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Transport crisis at CU Chittagong University (CU) hosts as many as 25,000 students but does not provide them with adequate accommodation or transportation facilities. Most students live outside the campus

Educational institutions should not be allowed for political activities

Using classrooms for political activities by spoiling regular classes have become common phenomena in the recent days amid these incidents draw flake from all quarters of society. News media reported

We welcome Islamabad for awarding Bangladeshi-origin refugees Pakistan`s nationality

PAKISTAN government has decided to grant nationality to all Pakistan-born refugees of Bangladeshi and Afghan origins staying there for decades. Prime Minister Mr Imran Khan on Sunday made this announcement

Code of recruitment and selection

Taslim Ahammad :The recruitment and selection practice is one of the most important aspects of running new and established businesses. The right employees can take your business to new heights,

Partnerships can propel the SDGs forward

Michelle Grogg :Partnerships offer a pathway to success in both programs and policies, and they can take many forms. Partnerships in the more traditional sense allow us to directly engage

Revisiting privatization's claims

Jomo Kwame Sundaram :Several arguments have been advanced to justify privatization since the 1980s. Privatization has been advocated as an easy means to:1. Reduce the government's financial and administrative burden,

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Misuse of savings certificatesI would like to highlight my views on government savings certificates. The government wants to cut down the interest rate on savings certificates. Many support the idea

A people-friendly healthcare system is needed

THE treatment cost of chronic diseases in our country is very high which pushes many marginal people to financial uncertainty. The government though has extended social safety net over the

Journalists` concern for free speech should not be ignored

EDITORS' Council on Saturday expressed its surprise, dissatisfaction, and shock at the final report of a parliamentary standing committee on the draft Digital Security Act which totally ignored the concerns

Technical education for national growth

Dr. Forqan Uddin Ahmed :Education in a college falls, roughly in either of two categories the world over. A liberal education implies training in the fine arts, the humanities, cultural

Sanctions on Iran will have a bearing on Iraq, too

Christiane Waked :The United States has turned up the heat on Iran by reimposing sanctions last month. But it is Iraq that is caught in the cross hairs. Both Tehran

Chinese train to Kolkata could put peace on track

Sandeep Gopalan :A bullet train connecting Kolkata in west India with Kunming in southwest China? Sounds fanciful? Perhaps for ordinary countries but certainly not for the brilliantly ambitious Chinese construction

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Save rivers from pollutionI was shocked to learn from a report published in an English daily about Dhaleshwari River being polluted by the newly built tannery factories. Before Dhaleshwari, the

People want passport without any hassle, take action against brokers and dishonest officials

THE government had decentralised passport offices regionally to ease the process of getting passport. But the people have yet not got respite from the hands of brokers, as they have

DUCSU election is desirable but subservient party politics must end

ACADEMICS and former student leaders have emphasised favourable environment and immediate announcement of schedule to hold the long-awaited election to Dhaka University Central Student Union (DUCSU). While Dhaka University authorities

Uphold professional code of conduct and ethics

Taslim Ahammad :Every members and practices must comply with the standards of competence, honesty, integrity, fairness, justice and other professional behaviour defined in the code of professional conduct. Within the

Education about food more important than regulation

Gerardo Fortuna :Education about balanced diets brings tangible results according to the vending machines lobby, while parental organisations say lawmakers should insist on good habits to tackle childhood obesity, rather

Global responsibility to combat diabetes in pregnancy

Katja Iversen and Leif Fenger Jensen :Diabetes is one of the most common complications pregnant women face globally, affecting 1 in 7 births and 10-25 percent of pregnancies. However, many

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Alarming divorce rates!Of late, the rate of divorces in the country's big cities has reportedly increased. According to a report by Prothom Alo, citing BSS data, people-mainly women-file divorce applications

Justice to workers depends on how helpful govt's industrial policy is

READYMADE garment workers have rejected the minimum wage set by the government, accusing it of pandering to the owners and said they will fight to get a monthly wage of

Ayub Khan type development is for corruption: Cracks in Teesta Bridge Link Road

IT is another story of peculiar development. Just two days before inauguration by the Prime Minister, a part of the 850-metre 2nd Teesta Bridge Link Road, located in the Gangachara

Strengthening anti-poverty agenda

Dr. Md. Shairul Mashreque and Dr. M Abul Kashem Mozumder :The state seeks poverty reduction through welfare strategies, social insurance, compensation programs, income maintenance, curative strategies and preventive measures. In

Kofi Annan who paid for his independence

Roberto Savio :This testimony to Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary-General, comes a month after his death. Much has already been written, and it is now superfluous to recall his efforts

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Regulate the ride-sharing servicesThere's no denying that ride-sharing services have made our lives a bit comfortable as we can now call a ride whenever we want using a mobile app.

Fixing of minimum wages and govt's responsibility to keep cost of living down

NEWS media reported that the government has raised the minimum monthly wage for 4.4 million garment workers by around 51 per cent to Tk 8,000 from the existing Tk